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Country Music Singer

Eden Bridge cmc write up , 19th Jan 2013

On a cold winters night in Edenbridge with only a club of 28 due to the snow. We were well and truly warmed and entertained be BOXCAR KELLY & THE RAILROADERS. After two songs, Kelly grasped the atmosphere and had the floor full of dancers and this continued through all three sessions.

A great selection of slow and fast music from a great 5 piece band and Kelly, who sang a selection of Patsy Cline songs to perfection- so good that the 28 seemed like 88! Pushed by the members present, we have booked them already for next year! signed LES.

Rustlers cmc write up ,16th March 2013

Tonight at the RUSTLERS C.M.C there is a 6 piece band to entertain us all they go by the name of BOXCAR KELLY AND THE RAILROADERS this band is made up of lead singer Kelly and 5 men on steel guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, lead guitar and drums.

The band start their first set off with the song loves going to live here again followed with good girl going bad, suds in a bucket, and so many more. Kelly has a fantastic powerful voice; everyone here seems to be enjoying the vibe that the band brings. This band plays sings and really looks the part the males of the band all had corresponding shirts which always looks good and very smart and the lady dresses in a country style dress. They played and sang down at the twist and shout, the drummer TONY had to be really fast on the drums for a little twist… I would personally say the band are old style country and they all do their parts very well a band well worth going to see. Tush push was one of the next songs to be played and Sam, James, Lena some of the younger ones here at the club got up for this dance as they like to do the high kicks which is always interesting to watch. It’s great to see younger people there enjoying their evening this set was closed with your cheating heart.

Now it’s time for John to take the mic to see the band of for a short break and also do the announcements what’s on around the clubs and then it was on to James the club DJ.

After a short break John is back to announce the band back on stage… the band started their second set with believe me baby I lied, your lying cheating heart, followed by I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you, I take my chances which Kelly sings very well, golden rings, next was Toby Keith’s white rose, every little thing and many many more, what a great atmosphere there is here tonight and great to see yet again another great turn out. Now it’s the end of the second set which went very quickly.

John and Vince come on the mics to do the raffle which had some amazing prizes on offer tonight, after the raffle there was time for James to play a selection of music for everyone and what a great selection it was.

It’s now time for the third and final set from BOXCAR KELLY AND THE RAILROADERS this set started with Kelly singing walking after midnight, the breeze, just walk on by and so many more I could go on and on. It was nice to see Kara on the dance floor again tonight. It’s now coming to the end of this final set of good old country music what a great night it has been, and what a great band to be entertained by if you ever get the chance to go see them, then go you won’t be disappointed this band have everything the talent, the look, the attitude and even have their own stage lighting!

Thanks to the club organisers for a fantastic night, will see you next month.

Keep it country!



TENNESSEE From woking , this is a 6 piece band but we only had two of the tonight as a Duo .A Lovely couple she had a beautiful voice and he was a smashing player. This band has been booked to come again in October this year .

AQ few songs sang Blue moon of Kentucky, Im going to love you , For ever and ever ,I fall to pieces ,Your cheating heart ,walk on by and Dozens more . The dancers certainly loved them .A packed hall and a great evening had by all .